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    Azgard was a legendary nation that existed two millenniums ago. It collapsed due to the Chaoscourge.

    Humanity nearly met its extinction two thousand years ago due to a mysterious blight that’s been labeled the Chaoscourge.

    There are two main theories:
    -According to scientists, a catastrophic disease attacked mankind at whole.
    -According to the ancient chronicles, otherworldly creatures once terrorized the world. On the dark day, these “demons” achieved the ideal number and intelligence to overthrow mankind.

    Either way, no one knows what made it begin and end...but it did, leaving the world in a horrible state.

    The Kingdom of Azgaredux is a highly advanced nation in this world. It is ruled by the Redux Kaihlem bloodline within its capital, Metryo.

    Azgaredux was established during the ancient era. A mortal man rebuilt the fallen Azgard from the ground up after the Chaoscourge and became the king. His bloodline would reign for over two thousand years under its new name, Azgaredux.

    The capital of Azgaredux. It’s a modern metropolis stacked with skyscrapers.

    The most prominent buildings are the Citadel, where the royal family lives, and the Heroes Headquarters.

    Heroes Corporation
    Heroes is a company that primarily operates in artificial intelligence and genetic engineering. They manufactured the Alcrests, mobile machines/robots that serves multipurpose in Metryo.
    Its mass reach sees its presence as a megacorporation with significant underhanded influence into societal, infrastructural, and political spheres.

    Heroes also projects power for the king of Azgaredux through a military that includes the elite group Hero Corps and Alcrests designed for battle. Their military power, combined with commercial monopoly on Alcrests, gives Heroes a measure of control over Azgaredux.

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