The Arrival


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    Post by V on Thu May 25, 2017 2:27 pm's been a decade since we first stumbled upon that other world. It was MM, Poi, Jamer, Wreks, J, and myself. I heard some of the others were there as well but I never came across them.
    Nevertheless, we were in the heart of that world...the Kingdom of Azgard.

    I don't know why but somehow it felt like we were gods in this world straight from our arrival. It felt like we were the cliche chosen heroes whose purpose were to avert a looming crisis.
    The exact details are a bit hazy to me now but someone...or something informed me of a massive threat. The new leader of Azgard's army was a literal demon masked as a man.

    Looking back now, I've no idea where we gained even a fraction of the mettle to deal with that brand of madness...but we did. MM, Poi, Jamer, Wreks, and I took on the corrupted army and slayed its leader in his demonic form.

    We were praised as heroes and intent on exploring the rest of this strange world...but it ended so suddenly.
    As if it were all just a dream.

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