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    Brothers N1MbDO9

    The door opened and there he stood. The real Roy. The real me.

    “You.” He said.

    “Me.” Roy smirked.

    Vriz looked around. “Empty room…underground level…kinda hospital is this?”

    Roy managed to sit up, leaning on the wall. He'd recovered a bit but still not enough for his feet to carry him.
    “I don’t blame them. I’m a dangerous case.” Flames surrounded Roy’s right arm when he clenched his fist. The fire vanished within seconds. “I’m not supposed to still have these powers, man. That fucker was supposed to be…dead.”


    “Yes, Valobitch. The cunt god. He can go fuck himself. There are no gods. There are no almighty beings. This whole time shit is not the work of Valorinx. Nah, he’s lucky there exists a species more terrifying than him and his…demons, so to speak.”


    Roy smirked once again. “Yes, humans.”

    Roy…who are you?”

    Roy chuckled. “You’ll get your answers when my brothers arrive.”

    “…Your brothers?”

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    Brothers WXy1mcf

    There were hundreds of flies crawling on the dead man, and more drifting lazily through the still, hot air. Leo pushed his fingers through his sun-streaked hair. The dead were beyond his help.
    The woods suddenly went silent. Leo heard something coming from behind. He turned to see a beast charging right at him. The heart racing sight made him spend all five rounds of his shotgun. All shots were in vain. Just when the demon was about to take him down, an arrow from above pierced through its skull. The monster completely froze and turned into ice. Bloody hell.

    A man jumped down from a tree. “Finally,” he said. “Been trying to kill this thing for hours.” He yanked the arrow out of the frozen demon, shattering it into pieces.

    “Holy…” Leo was shocked. “”

    The archer pulled up his goggles over his half yellow, half white hair. His eyes were icy blue, complementing what he just did.

    “You’re still surprised by things like this after all this time rifting madness?” he asked.

    “…I guess you’re right.” Leo turned back to the corpse. The empty eyes seemed to follow him. “So you’re the demon hunter. I thought it was this unfortunate soul here.”

    “There’s more dead bodies near here. Especially by the campsite.”

    Despite the heat, the thought made Leo shiver. “The missing people…”

    When he found himself moving towards the campsite, the hunter called. “You shouldn’t go there, sir.”

    The archer soon disappeared behind Leo. He reloaded his shotgun with one shell and kept walking. Minutes passed by and more dead bodies appeared within sight. The corpses of the authorities were scattered all over. When Leo arrived at the campsite, he threw up. Dead men, women, and children covered the ground. The only living thing he saw were flies. After awhile, he raised the shotgun to his head.

    “Sir!” The hunter returned. “Don’t do thi-“

    Leo pulled the trigger.

    “No!” MM shouted when the man pulled the trigger.

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