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    Been itching to write lately... and doing some KoA'ing sounded like fun as well. In addition... I needed to get some thoughts/feelings out somehow, so below is me doing just that. *shrug* maybe this MM adventure is canon or not. Iono. anywayz, I'll continue it when I'm not so tired.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    "If they're so powerful, why can't they prevent these atrocities from happening?"
    "That guy's probably the weakest of them all. Remember how we had to save his ass?"
    "Why give them the special treatment?"
    "We used to be the heroes of Heroes. Inc. They've stolen the spotlight."
    "What are they even doing to fix these... Time Rifts?"

    These were the voices MM heard, amongst others, while he was finishing up his dinner in the cafeteria. His stomach churned as he realized the truth behind these comments. His own mind started to churn a series of questions and thoughts that led him in circles of debate. Frustrated, he got up and headed back to his room.

    MM went into his room, went to his bed and hid under the covers. Feeling weak, frustrated, lost, and confused he tried to go to sleep. To no avail. I'm such a fucking child...hiding under the covers from the rest of the fucking world. Ugh...

    MM got up before the desire to stay where he was became too strong. He went out to do something monotonous: Practice shooting. He headed to one of the floors which contained a shooting gallery. He talked to the moderators of the shooting gallery and had his targets set up. There were some other people in the shooting gallery which had MM feel a bit uncomfortable. What are they thinking? Do they hate me or blindly adore me?

    MM missed every shot he fired.

    Seeing this as a sign of defeat, MM returned to his room where he sat on his bed and put his face in his palms.

    "This is all too stressful. I'm growing tired of all this responsibility. Can't we just go back to PUCA and hang out with our Pokemon? Oui...."  or maybe I'll just lie here...forever...

    That was when duty called. MM's hyperlink began to buzz. MM begrudgingly answered it. It was Jeremiah, the CEO of Heroes Inc.

    "MM, I have a job for you."
    "Yes sir?"

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    MM found himself in a chopper with a group of Heroes Inc. Soldiers. The captain was currently briefing their mission:

    "Not only is the demon winged, but it also can reach up to speeds of 200mph. To make matters even worse, it seems that it has thick armor that prevents any attacks."

    Then what's the point? Sounds practically unstoppable.

    "Can you do it?" Everyone looked at MM.

    "I'll do my best." That's all I can do....I guess...Hopefully it's good enough.

    They opened the door to the chopper and MM jumped out. Using his turbow he flew out into the atmosphere. He could feel the wind absorbing him: chilly, noisy, and powerful. He gained some altitude and then tested his radio. He was still able to communicate with those in the chopper.

    Next, he felt the rush from the demon. It flew right past him. MM could barely even see it. Then, he saw the dark shadow with glowing red eyes lunch for him. Before MM could move, he could feel himself stabbed by some sort of claws around his torso while moving at an extremely fast rate. He felt like a rag doll while being moved at such a speed. Then he was released. Once he was he was able to station himself to hover in the air again with his Turbow.

    The demon perhaps didn't realize that his enemy could fly. MM readied his bow with a bomb arrow and set the detonation on a timer. He sent it into the air, hoping to get the attention of the demon. It worked. Even better, the demon looked stunned. MM fired a few more bomb arrows at the creature. MM was able to get close to it at this point. Taking off one of his blades he stabbed the creature in the eye. The creature retaliated and shook MM off of it. MM quickly gained altitude to avoid the creature's next attack.
      But it was too fast. MM was in its talons once again....the creature flew higher and higher until it flew straight into a small line of light...that looked completely unnatural. The two went straight through it and found themselves no longer in the sky: But inside a cathedral of some sort.

    The Shadow creature crashed straight into one of the pillars of the cathedral, with MM with it. MM cried out in pain as the shadow creature's speed caused them to crash right through the pillar. MM took his blade again and stabbed the creature in the other eye. The creature was really ticked off at this point. It opened it's mouth to attempt to eat MM, that's where MM saw his chance. He took his blade and gouged the inside of the mouth before the creature could get a chance to close its mouth. In so much pain, it let go of MM, allowing MM to crash on....a person?

    "GAH! That was hella-painful!" It was some guy MM's age wearing a uniform of some sort and a blade at his side.
    "Oh gosh. I'm so sorry. I didn't even have time to fly...."
    "Just...get off. I was trying to break your fall. But gah. It hurts."
    "Oui. Thanks. Hold on though..." MM used his Turbow to fly up to where the shadow creature was struggling. Its eyes gouged, its mouth bleeding and gaping open, MM fired a bomb arrow into the mouth of the creature. With the internal explosion, the creature fell to the ground (almost hitting the bystander.)

    MM landed on the ground next to the bystander.
    "Oui...Again...sorry about landing on you...or...shoot...causing so much destruction...." Once again...I'm making a mess... almost getting bystanders killed.

    "Don't mention it... to be honest... I...think you might be the answer to my prayers..."

    MM started laughing. He couldn't help it.

    "I's dumb...I have no idea who you are or...where you came from...but...before you showed up out of nowhere...I was currently praying to the gods for help to fight back the demons on earth."

    "The demons on earth?"

    "You don't know?"

    "I guess I should explain who I am... My name is Mudki-... MM.... I just came through what is known as a time rift. They've been appearing throughout... this world throughout...different time periods that connect them... In another time period I flew through a time rift while fighting that demon."

    "I see... what is your time period like?"


    Another person both MM's age and the other person's age came rushing into the cathedral.

    "Logan! What the hell happened!? Is that a demon!?"

    "It was Kalaam, but it's a dead demon. This guy took it down."

    "A fighter of demons!? Aww man. We could use someone like this! By the looks of it...that demon is more than dead!"

    "MM. Would you mind helping us in our fight against the demons?"

    " be honest... I'm tired of fighting. That's all I've done back in my own period."

    Kalaam and Logan grew sullen as MM said that.

    "I understand...but...come with us."

    Logan and Kalaam led MM outside the cathedral to over look a huge castle. What was most exciting about the castle...was that it was in the sky. The cathedral was on the highest point of the castle and overlooked all of the castle's towers, courtyards, buildings, gardens, graveyards, archways, waterways, and more.

    "This castle is supposedly an ancient castle that was made to fly by using ancient technology... The castle was designed to be a labyrinth to trespassers and a home for those humans who wished to hide away from the demons."  Logan explained.

    MM quickly scanned the landscape...and felt an eerie aura about the castle.... that's when he started noticing bloodstains, the smell of rotting flesh, remains of armor and weapons, and other signs of battle.

    "The demons allowed us peace for a time, but eventually they decided it was time for us to go..." Logan continued.

    "There's only four of us left. Only four fucking humans left!" Kalaam clenched his fists and bit his lip.

    A dagger hit MM's heart and soul. "F-f-four humans....left?"

    "Yeah...." Logan looked down at the ground, "It...seems hopeless...but what else can we do but fight?"

    Give in? Give up? Accept the outcome and die in peace? Thoughts similar to these were the ones running through MM's head.

    "Damn... perhaps this is where I die too..." MM said.

    "No way. You've got skills, strength, and experience that I've hardly ever seen." Logan said.

    "I'm only human myself... there's only so much I can do. And this...this situation... it doesn't just seem hopeless... I...I think it...I think it is hopeless."

    "I don't care. Hoping is all we can do at this point. Who knows what comes after death, and I wish to respect those who protected us, who kept us safe up until now. It's our turn. If this is the end, I believe we should put on a damn good show for humanity."

    Another dagger through MM's heart. This Logan guy had conviction and determination. Something MM wish he had at the moment. Sighing MM turned to look out across the castle.

    "Alright...I'll help..." I'm too nice....

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    MM and Logan were deep within the caverns of the sky-castle. Together they were looking at the energy source that kept the castle afloat.

    "This is the archer I was talking about." Behind MM and Logan, Kalaam was leading two other young men who looked roughly same age as Kalaam and Logan.

    One of them was tall and lean, straw hair that went in every direction, and glasses on the bridge of his nose he constantly was readjusting. Across his torso was a bag with what looked like books inside. There was a pencil in his hand and a sketchbook in the other one.

    "That bow. That bow can fly? Are those fans what propels it? Tell me, what does it run on? Does it run on something similar to this?" He talked hastily and avoided eye contact. He pointed to MM's turbo-fans and then to the energy source MM and Logan were originally looking at.

    MM: "Well I have no idea what this castle runs on. It must be something powerful to keep it afloat for as long as three generations. But this bow runs on solar and wind energy."

    "Using the sun and the wind as energy? Yes... I've had that idea before... You must show me it in action...."

    Logan: "That's Edwin. He's...basically our mechanic...likes to tinker, likes to draw and design machines."

    MM: "Ooo. Awesome."

    Logan: "Then this guy," Logan pointed to the fifth person in the area. He was tall, dark-skinned, broad shouldered, and wore several blades around his body. When pointed to he simply said one word.


    Logan: "He's the best fighter out of all of us."  Aaron nodded and looked at MM straight into the eyes. MM quivered a bit. He was looking at the soul of another warrior. It reminded him of his own friends who  always seemed ready to fight their way through any situation.

    Logan: "So that's all four of us."

    MM: "Heh, they're really isn't any females."

    Kalaam: "Yeah man. I told you. It's a bummer!" The rest of the group seemed un-phased by the comments.

    MM: "Oui. Well, fingers crossed... we aren't the only humans left... why don't we leave this floating castle and find ourselves some girls?" Hope.... something I forget about unless staring death in the face...

    Kalaam: "Hell'z yeah!"
    Logan: "Do you have a plan MM?"

    MM: "I think I do." Oui...I sure hope I do.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - -

    A few weeks later their plan fell into place.

    The castle itself... was falling towards the earth. Towards the place where demons crawled.

    Away from the falling castle flew a small wooden airship with five young men ready for adventure, battle, and most of all: hell. They were heading beyond territory that was safe and going into territory that wanted to rip them to shreds.

    The young men looked back as the castle crashed into the earth. The towers crumbled, the ground shook, the earth ruptured, and the collision echoed throughout the world.

    "Amynta... She will be missed." Aaron was the only one who spoke. From that moment on, no one looked back.

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    (Well...this is going to end up taking longer than expected/hoped. Oops. Guess I'll "fly" with it.)

    Shit...where is it? MM was below deck of their airship in his own personal quarters. They had built personal quarters below deck for themselves and also additional quarters in hopes for finding other humans. Trying to recompose himself after watching his new friends' home collapse, he was looking for a particular item. To no avail, he decided to go above deck and ask around for it.
    Above deck, Logan was at the helm, Aaron was in the bird nest searching for any sign of human life or demon activity, Edwin was running about checking and tinkering with their handiwork of the aircraft while making notes and designs for improvement in his sketchbook, while Kalaam was lounging in a hammock he put up.

    MM: "Anyone seen a snowflake shaped necklace around?"

    Kalaam: "Nah man. Why would you wear such a thing?"

    MM: "It was a gift from my sister. It was a reminder- " To stay cool... A chill went up MM's spine, while he received a flashback and somewhat of an epiphany. He could remember his sister saying something about him being too serious and too agitated all the time. She gave him the necklace and told him to be more chill in life.

    Kalaam: "A reminder for what? To be a snowflake?"

    MM: "To stay cool." MM smiled, happy that the memory was enough to remind him of the necklace's message. At this point, he would have to do without it.

    Kalaam: "Eh. You're better off just remembering that man. But I understand if it was from your sister. Family is where it's at. We all our family now. The last humans on earth."

    Logan: "Let's hope we're not."

    Aaron: "Flying Demon, Rank II, two of them. 1'oclock."

    Logan: "Edwin! Get those battle stations ready! MM, lead the charge, everyone else get suited up!"

    Kalaam: "Damn, I hope we keep our title of "last humans on earth" for a while...

    MM headed for their armory which they had on deck and got out his bow and his arrows. He was trying to be chill, but he couldn't also help his excitement. Heh... what an oxymoron. If I was really chill, then perhaps I wouldn't worry about how excited I'm getting.

    Rank II demons were nothing but arrow fodder to MM at this point of his demon hunting experiences.

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    MM was running as fast as he could, ducking and dodging to avoid the tree branches of a dense forest. Behind him, he could hear the sounds of crashing trees and a stomping of eight feet. The eight feet were attached to a large demonic beast that was as big as a one story building. It would soon be upon MM.

    MM tasted blood in his mouth as a drop fell down from his head to his mouth. He bit his lip, pain from an earlier fall reminding his body to take a moment to rest and heal. But he couldn't. He had to keep running.

    MM noticed a clearing up ahead which motivated him to run faster. When he came to the clearing he also found himself at the edge of a lake. In the middle of the lake was his bow. He jumped into the lake and started swimming. The beast that was chasing MM came crashing through the trees and noticed MM swimming across the lake. It ran straight for MM, not even bothered by the water. It wasn't deep enough that it couldn't just walk. Its rush caused a large wave to sweep MM and his bow below the water. MM lost track of his bow and his sense of direction as he became dizzy to the wave. The creature was stomping around and sticking its head into the water to search for its prey. By the time its prey was found, MM had regained his sense of direction and was able to avoid being stomped on by the beast.

    The beast was stirring up the dirt at the bottom of the lake, which caused even more difficulty for MM to find his bow. When the creature stomped again MM took hold of its leg and held onto it. From there he climbed onto the top of the creature's back. The creature attempted to shake MM off, but to no avail. At least, MM had a good grip until the beast decided to roll over into the water. MM had to jump off and swim quickly as far away as he could.

    He made his way to shore and quickly hid behind some brush. He watched as the beast continued to find MM within the water. Content that he had given the beast the slip, MM stealthily slipped into the forest.

    He soon found Edwin who had an arm in a sling made of vine and branches.

    "Edwin you're alive..."
    "MM. There you are. We've been looking everywhere for you."
    "Is everyone else okay?"
    "Not...quite. After you fell to the ground, the ship was ripped to shreds by the rank IV flying demon you were fighting. Our energy source kept part of the ship afloat, which Kalaam and Logan remained on, but the rest of it with Aaron and I fell to the ground."
    "And Aaron.....Aaron fought so that I could escape. A beast-like demon bit my arm so I couldn't escape. Aaron fought against it, but the creature bit my arm off. I ran away in pain while Aaron was in battle against the beast-like demons and the other demons that were approaching. I'm a coward."
    "It's okay. I'm an idiot. It hasn't even been a day, and already my plan has put you all closer to death."

    Edwin and MM were silent for a moment, until MM realized he needed to head back to Aaron.

    "Let's go help Aaron out. Make sure he's not dead." Edwin obliged and led MM back the way he came.

    MM and Edwin found Aaron surrounded by fifteen demons. He was easily slashing through the smaller ones, and the bigger ones were down within a few minutes. However, it seemed that every demon he defeated others would come through the woods and join the battle.

    MM was impressed by Aaron's skills. He was truly a warrior. He rushed over and found his way next to Aaron.

    "Do you have a blade I can borrow?"

    "Take one." Aaron, who was covered in sheathed blades, motioned for MM to choose one and take one. Edwin soon came over and took a blade for himself. Together the three used Aaron's blades to take down the demons before them. For a moment, things didn't seem so bleak.

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    That moment did not last when the eight footed creature loomed over Aaron, MM, and Edwin. MM took a moment to look up at the beast and was slashed across the chest by a rank II demon. Aaron took the demon down, and quietly said, "MM, we need to get your bow -MOVE" Aaron dragged Edwin as he pushed through the ranks of demons towards the direction of the lake. MM followed, all three of them avoiding being stomped on by the large creature. They could hear a loud and angry low pitched hum that vibrated the earth.

    With the force of the step, it caused chaos amongst the demons, just enough they could make it past them. It didn't take long before the demons were amongst them again. "Keep running Edwin. MM, let us run right behind him, side by side."

    MM followed suit. The goal was to protect Edwin, who was growing weary. The faster demons would approach, and MM and Aaron would do their best to direct them into a pinch so that they would attack from both sides. Aaron was dealing with an opponent one v one, while still trying to run backwards. MM ran over to flank the opponent while calling "Switch." MM finished off the demon while Aaron took MM's formation on the right point of the triangle. They were able to keep this up with a few variations until they reached the lake.

    "Edwin, do you still have your spyglass?" MM asked Edwin,
    "I do. Here," Edwin rummaged in his bag quickly with his good arm, and handed over the spy glass. MM took it and could see what looked like his bow floating on the surface of the water.
    "You guys find safety, I'm going to go get my bow."
    "Ha! Safety, yeah right."

    The next wave of demons were heading their way. "Come Edwin."Aaron pushed Edwin towards their new direction.
    "I'll hold them off for a bit. Distract them."
    "In that case, maybe we should get your bow." Edwin suggested.
    "Sounds good to me. First one to it gets to use it?" MM smiled as he stepped forward to put himself between the demons and his new friends.
    "Game on." Edwin grinned. They began to run.

    Please still be usable.... MM thought about attacking each enemy in front of him.... and tapping into his SP.... used his volley attack.... it was enough to get their attention. It was also enough to surround him. Perhaps not the best idea. He dropped an explosive used to create his bomb arrows, and pushed his way through the demon mosh pit. I suppose this proves Heroes Inc. bombs are indeed waterproof, He thought to himself as he watched the fireworks. After that particular wave, there was only the large demon left and himself. This was the first time MM got a decent look at his opponent.

          It essentially had the body of a slug, but with 8 mammoth like legs, and giant padded feet. Its ugly long-neck had no head. In fact, the neck most likely was its head. Along its neck were several openings that emitted the strange sound that vibrated its surroundings. Unlike a slug, it had no tail, and covered in hair.

        "You are ugly indeed." MM stretched a bit before running for the creature's legs. The creature changed the pitch of its hum into a shrill, paralyzing MM. Surprised it didn't do this before....ggghhhh..... MM broke out of the paralyzation as there was a lull in the sound. He used that moment to rip part of his clothes to create a muffler around his head. He needed to create a bandage from his bleeding face anyways too. He could tell the shrill was beginning again, and luckily it seemed the cloth did the trick. MM managed to make it to the creature's legs and started to climb. It stomped its legs to try and shake MM off, but MM held on.

         The shrill changed and became lower in pitch, tone, and volume. Eventually MM could not hear it at all. He used that time to make it to the top of the creatures legs. He then attempted to stab the creature's leg. His blade sunk into the creature, but as he took his blade out, instead of blood, a gush of air and sound exited. It was another high pitch shrill. This one wasn't able to be muffled by the cloth covering MM's ears. He stuck his blade into another part of the leg, and covered his ears with his hands. Eventually the sound lulled again.

         Biting his lip, MM started to slice haphazardly. If this thing was leaking sound and air, then perhaps the more holes he put into it, the lower and less painful the amount. In response the creature started to shake MM off of it. He started to realize that holding onto the creature and his ears would be near impossible. But he had a task. He needed to maim this beast. Even if it was simply slowing it down.

         He started to develop a system. He realized he could hold onto the beasts fur and sink one ear into the beast's fur. The beats fur acted a fantastic muffler from its own sound. Holding onto the beast with one hand, he clasped his other ear with the other. When the sound began to lessen he would start his attack again.

         From a distance he could see Edwin and Aaron running. He wished them luck, and at the same time, seeing them provided motivation to work faster. Finally, he managed to cut through a single leg. The beast was not happy. MM quickly moved over to the next one and started the job. He started to develop a system for cutting through this creatures weak flesh. But his blade was beginning to dull and he was starting to grow weary.

         He managed to cut through the next one. In that moment, he could hear the cries of demons in the distance. Another wave was coming. Not only that, but the creature was sending another low pitch hum again. MM was starting to get the idea that this was a call for help of some kind.

         By the time he cut the next leg, the creature was beginning to lose balance. It looked funny. One left on its right side, four still on its left. MM realized this creature was less of a threat and more of a defensive unit... At that time, demons became pouring out of the forest. MM scrambled up to the top of the demon, hoping the enemies would chase him. As he climbed he had to deal with the changing hums of the large demon.

         How the hell do I make it through all of this? This is exhausting! There, on top of the slug like Demon, MM watched as the demons began to climb towards him. Deep breath. Like Logan said...let's give humanity a good show... whatever that means.....oui....

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