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    Jay was taken to a small infirmary after his accident in the water, being dragged at practically death. Laying in the bed, doctors spent days trying to discover what kept him so close to death. They drained the liquid causing drowning out of his lungs, patched up any injuries he had, and used magical cures to try to heal him, none of them having any real effect on his recovery. After a week of all uses, an interesting group of people in black and red hooded cloaks walked to the infirmary and requested to speak to the doctor.

    The group mentioned they knew how to heal Jay. With the doctor out of ideas how to fix him, he was willing to listen to what they had to say. When Jay was injured, his life force had been draining for awhile before that. Due to some mental control or something of the like, Jay believed himself to be some sort of half-demon. He crafted claws based on the Mighty Wolf Demon, and battled with those. However, the more this mind corruption pushed, the worse off Jay became. After the injury he faced, the mental corruption snapped, and Jay along with it. He was literally living off of strong will alone.

    The cloaked group claimed to know a way to keep Jay alive. There is a ritual only known by a few to seal a Mighty Demon inside Jay, and add in whatís called a Demon Trigger: An improved seal that would infuse Jay completely to his demon, and let them become one. This ritual would change Jay both physically and mentally, as he would truly become a Half-Demon. The ritual would go as such: First, Jay would be brought to a secluded camp, festering with a handful of rebellious demons within Azgard. This would be the only location where a Mighty Demon would possibly even look at a non-demon. A chant would be used, allowing one to create inside Jay a Demon Chamber, where his demon would be chained. This is where it gets tricky and painful. The ritualist has to both force the demon into Jayís Demon Chamber, and also seal both of the Mighty Demonís arms. If, for any reason, the ritualist would fail to cuff both arms after a certain amount of time, the ritual still can take place. However, the ritualist would have to give their life to be sealed within the Demon Trigger. Finally, as the Trigger is placed, Jay would awaken, becoming a form of himself he could not control: his Full-Demon Forme. The demon and Jay will attempt to become one, with the demon having full control to start, and slowly give Jay more and more control. Once Jay gains his regular control again, he will collapse. He will have much more power, though, and his Half-Demon side will be unlocked within him.

    The doctor, with no other options to save this peculiar individual, allowed them to do so. The group of twenty-five left the hospital, carrying Jay. Their hoods stayed on for a while, until they were out of sight of everyone, in the forest. Taking off their hoods, they were revealed as humans. Men and women who worshipped the rebellious Demons who hid in silence, avoiding the corruption in the Demon World. While Jay was nothing special as of yet, he held an inner strength that many would wish for, and a nobility not seen in many of the time. Because of this, the group had decided he would be a good candidate to accept becoming a Half-Demon.

    In the forest, it seemed like they were walking for days. Itís hard to find the Camp of Demons, even if you know exactly where it is. As they finally started to get closer, a large winged demon flies and lands directly in front of the group, asking them to state their business. A larger man in the group explained how they wanted to seal the Wolf Demon within Jay. They felt like he was strong enough, and it would end the destruction the Mighty Demon threatened to make happen each day. With a slight smile, and a chuckle under itsí breath, the winged demon allowed them to enter the camp. It was another fifteen minutes before they reached the camp, where only a small amount of demons were scattered there. The Mighty Wolf Demon was held in his own tent, with specialized chains and ropes holding him. The group was known to the demons as the worshippers of their brand, and listened as they told them of their plan to trap the Wolf Demon within Jay. While laughter came about, one girl held up the design of the Demon Trigger, which sobered up the group instantly. Being the only device able to allow humans to use a Demonís strength for themselves, the Demons finally understood the worshipperís plan

    While they prepared the components for the Demon Trigger, the group talked among themselves to decide who would take the risk of creating the Demon Chamber. After a small discussion, a girl around twenty years old volunteered. One of the more dedicated worshippers, she dyed her hair dark grey with red highlights, to match the colors of the Wolf Demonís fur. She smiled as she agreed, and although the situation could end her physical life, she seemed entirely calm. It took about two hours to make the Demon Trigger. The item appeared like a ladle with an orb floating above it. Jay was laid on a red circle with symbols sprawled around it, and the girl placed beside him. Another circle was drawn around the Wolf Demon, who started realizing what was happening, and attempted thrashing out of his restraints. After some murmuring, the girl was handed the Trigger, and she immediately passed out. As her spirit entered Jayís consciousness, the Trigger leapt from her arms, creating a specific large room within Jayís being. The room was quite spacious, but you wouldnít be able to tell that by standing within it. The room instantly became clouded, and the girl landed within this. She felt fairly confident...Until the Wolf Demon entered the Chamber as well

    Jay was laying in front of the Wolf demon; much of his body sliced, beat up, and otherwise left for dead. The Demon was chained by his hands to the endless sky, and slowly looked up to the girl. As the demon asked why she was there, she showed the Demon Trigger. She explained how much stronger both of them could become, and how much more freedom he would be able to access. The Demon silenced himself, and refused it, saying that death would be better to him than waiting for this strange pull of control. She continued to plead and beg, explaining his benefits. None of these strategies prevailed. They finally fought. The girl had been trained to deal with these kinds of rituals. However, the strength of a Mighty Demon is hard to decipher. Minutes passed to hours before finally the time of the ritual was up. The girl took a deep sigh and held a slight smile before her spirit faded within the Trigger. The trigger then took life, quickly forcing the Demonís arms up and into the cuffs. As they clicked around his arms, the demon knew what had happened, and what this would mean for him and the human he was sealed within. The clouds grew darker.

    Back in the real world, the worshippers realized that the girl had stopped breathing, and immediately felt sadness from that. A few moments later, Jay started transforming. His eyes glowed red, and his hair colored itself pitch black with red coloring the edges. His arms followed the same ideals. The claws were blended into his arms, giving him more control of flexibility. The Demon Trigger lit up as a pure red marking on the back of his left and right hands, and the rest of his body grew pure black as well. Preparing for this, Jay had been chained, detained, and held down by the strongest of demons within the camp. The Demon had full control of Jayís body for a short amount of time. The cuffs were loose on the Wolf Demonís arms at this time.

    As he awoke, Jay screamed, fighting off his restraints. The chains broke off easily for the Mighty Demon, and the Demons were thrown off of him after half a minute. Lifting himself up using itsí demonic energy to propel himself, the more demonic Jay had a sinister grin cross his face. Attempting to break the body of Jay before the ritual ended, the Wolf Demon slashed across Jayís torso in an x. The blood it released powered his abilities. The Wolf Demon attempted to break free of the group, slicing more and more into Jayís body before being stopped by another Mighty Demon who had just flown in: The Phoenix Demon.

    The Phoenix Demon laughed at the Wolf Demon, claiming that no Mighty Demon should ever even consider being trapped within a human an option. The Wolf Demon said to get out of his way, or become the next prey of a Wolf. The Phoenix Demon flapped itsí large wings, and launched Jayís body, hitting his head on some large boulders before sliding to a stop. It was at this point Jay finally grew conscious, and fought against the Wolf Demon within the Demon Chamber, trying to gain control of his own body again, and rechain the Wolf Demon to his spirit. Not understanding what was happening, or how this happened, Jay somehow knew the seal had to be replaced. It was a short fight before the chains were replaced on the Wolf Demonís wrists. Jay returned to his position in the Demon Chamber, standing in front of the Wolf Demon. The Wolf Demon saw Jayís true inner strength.

    In the real world, Jayís Demon Side faded, remerging as his human self. He woke up after a few moments, dusting himself off and noticing everyone staring him down. He couldnít recognize where he was or anyone around him. At first, he was hesitant to speak to demons, especially with how the world was labeling them. However, an inside Ďpushí helped him gain some confidence and speak to the demons and hooded figures. The worshippers got on one knee as he passed, and although Jay found this peculiar if anything, he bowed his head to them. Learning all of what happened, the worshippers introduced themselves. Jay thanked them for saving his life and adding the Demon Trigger, and apologized for the loss of their friend. They smiled, and said she was not lost ďas long as he kept fighting.Ē They explained one major trouble of the ritual to him: If his demon was removed for whatever reason, he would have twenty-four hours to complete a simplified sealing ritual on the demon again, or he would die. He nodded in understanding. The remaining Demons offered to help train Jay in the art of being a Half-Demon, which hasnít been seen in many years. While Jay did want to get back to his friends, this new power would take some getting used to. Without any idea how to control this Demon within him, he accepted

    Training took place for a few months, starting with triggering his Half-Demon side. While this took a few days of meditation and finding the Demon Trigger within himself, finally he was able to access the Demonís power. At first, he was only able to gain extra senses, but after days of vigilant practice, he was able to trigger his left arm to become demon. Near the end of his training, he learned how to trigger both arms at the same time with the flick of his wrists.

    The next skill he learned was the Magnet Forme. The Wolf Demon was known to be able to conduct electricity, and accessing magnetic fields from the earth to get around was one of his specialties. This was one of the fastest to learn, and one of the most fun, as Jay got the chance to fly around using lightning and magnets.

    The next ability the demons taught him was the art of Self-Sacrificial Rituals. These attacks would require some of the userís own blood, but would allow him more and more strength as this continued. It took awhile to have Jay get used to taking his own blood, but after a few weeks, Jay was making new techniques based on these rituals, surprising many demons who were not willing to risk their own lives.

    The final technique he learned was accessing his Full-Demon Forme. For this, Jay would have to be so close to death that his control was sketchy. At this point, the Wolf Demon and Jay would become one within the Demon Chamber, allowing both of them to take control evenly. Jayís humanity to avoid attacking allies, and the Wolf Demonís cruelty to kill any who stand in his way, would become one. This was the most difficult for Jay to figure out, since bringing himself to death was just bizarre to him, and giving any control to the Wolf Demon after what had happened at the Trigger Ritual seemed like a bad idea. However, trusting his demon friends, he learned this as well, finally learning to communicate with his demon at the same time.

    Before much else could be taught, however, Jay had lost his whereabouts yet again. All he remembers is seeing a huge portal open, and falling into some sort of rift. The next moment he opened his eyes, he ended up in a completely new location, not sure of where he was or where his demonic friends have gone. Walking down the path trying to locate where he was, he heard many strange people murmuring about a new group of people who just arrived, holding descriptions very similar to his friends he hasnít seen in a long time. Other murmurs connected this group of familiar people to a group named Hero Corp. Noticing some sort of military platoon near the way, he walked up slowly, explaining who he was, asking if they have heard of the Hero Corp. The soldiers seemed to recognize the name of the group, and asked if he was lost. He said he wanted to meet up with his friends from the group, and one of the soldiers offered to drive him there. With no other options, Jay accepted, and drove with the soldier quite a distance.

    Along the way, Jay noticed a familiar castle, though looking quite aged in comparison to when he last remembered it. He asked to stop there, and the soldier complied, driving around. Entering the castle, he looked around the more aged castle, and his demon reached out to him, leading him to a strange pile of rubble. As the soldier noticed and tried to warn him, it was too late. Jayís arms were covered in soul gems, glowing more and more. This is when Jay lost control.

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