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    "So you believe he's a demon?" the old man asked. Vriz didn't care to remember his name.

    "Well something's odd," Vriz said. "From what I heard from the others...they followed this Roy to do some what-the-hell quest. That put them in Ashen to basically flip the switch for the Chaotic War. It can't all be happenstance."

    The man got up from his chair and overlooked the beautiful scenery Metryopolis painted at night. "The history buffs have always theorized that those five weren't exactly the heroes they're hyped up to be. I fully believe them now. The real heroes are the ones that re-established Azgard after the Chaotic War. The real heroes are the ones that placed their lives on the line to defend Azgard, to defend the people." He turned to Vriz. "You were one of them."
    Before Vriz could say anything, the man shifted his gaze back to the city and continued. "But, to the average person, all those heroes are boring compared to the legend of those five. When all this happened, when I heard that the five were here...I was intrigued. I challenged their wits."

    "I heard."

    "They disappointed. All they wanted to do was fight. I wonder if they enjoyed killing the king back then. Legend has it, the king was possessed...was that even true? What if he discovered that they were the ones that created the war? That they were the villains."

    "Look, the reality is: It's not fucking black and white, it's shades of grey. All people are shades of grey. I let a mother and her child get slaughtered by a horde of those skeletal shits. I could have probably dealt with them alone...but it would have been a huge risk. I told myself that I couldn't take those risks, that I needed to survive."

    "I'm sorry," the man said. "I truly am grateful you're all here now. And hopefully we find a way to use those gems to our advantage. To ease your burdens."

    "Didn't I say those gems were dangerous?"

    "We're going to need more people that can deal with those demons. We need to survive."

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