Marta and the Deranged Pokemon World.


    Marta and the Deranged Pokemon World.  Empty Marta and the Deranged Pokemon World.

    Post by mudkipmaster on Wed Apr 16, 2014 7:41 pm

    In an alternate universe to the one of the Pokemon World, a young female named Marta is about to embark on her quest in the Kanto Region. Unbeknownst to her, the hat she wears is actually possessed by the King of Pokemon Games. (Also known as the Master of Kips....) The spirit soon realizes, upon the acquisition of the Marta's starter Pokemon, that the Pokemon of this universe are not quite the same as the universe the spirit came from. With the Spirit's general knowledge of most things Pokemon and Marta's social and physical skills (that are completely limited by the laws of her coding), these two beings will go on a typical Pokemon Quest...that's not so typical!

    I recently found this: A Pokemon Rom Randomizer

    So now, naturally, I want to play a game where havoc reigns. I have randomized: All Pokemon (Including legendaries, trainer Pokemon, starters, etc.), Types, Movesets, TM'S, Items, and Trainer Names. The only thing I did not randomize was base stats. As I casually play, I figured I'd share some of the shenanigans that will go down. If you'd like to play the same game I'm playing, I can send you a code which you upload via the Pokemon Randomizer application/program. Then you can play with the same rules I inputted.


    Meet Marta:
    Marta and the Deranged Pokemon World.  Screen11

    Her Rival's name? Dog. Swimmer Dog.

    Starters to choose from?

    Machoke, Rayquaza, Meganium.

    Naturally, I had Marta choose a Dargon. Meet the Dargon:

    Marta and the Deranged Pokemon World.  Screen13

    Marta and the Deranged Pokemon World.  Screen10

    Marta and the Deranged Pokemon World.  Screen14

    Twitch Plays Pokemon is doing something similar right now. That's actually where I learned about zee randomizer.

    Now, onto zee adventure!

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