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    (because it needs a proper ending)


    Vriz’s collapse persisted. He was defeated by Wolfwood at WM and never seen again. Hiro went on to defeat Dr.Lee at WM, albeit not fairly.

    MM revealed that his name actually meant “male model”. He’s professionally male modeled all over the world in 9 different continents, 300 different countries. You don’t tick off a professional male model. And you don’t belong in the same picture as a professional male model. Louis learnt that the hard way when he was erased from existence for photo bombing one of MM’s selfies.
    Joking aside, MM remained the only babyface in the landscape with Hereshko and Wreks gone.
    *babyface, in wrestling, basically means a guy who is 100% good and always smiling with no rough edges

    The Hiro-Dr.Lee rivalry continued for another four months. Ty won Money in the Bank in July.
    Hiro always found a way, by any means necessary, to hold on to his title against Dr.Lee. In their last showdown, at Summerslam, he intentionally got himself disqualified to retain the championship. That was the final straw. On the following night, Dr.Lee decimated Hiro and got himself fired in the process. Ty took advantage of the situation and cashed in his MITB contract. Even though it wasn’t necessary, he added salt to wound by hitting a GTS on Hiro before pinning him. Nevertheless, Ty became the new PUCA Champion!

    A Ty-Hiro rivalry dominated the main event for the rest of the year. Ty defeated Hiro at every turn, save one time where he pulled a trick from Hiro’s book by getting himself disqualified.

    2014 - It Begins

    Wolfwood began getting agitated with Ty still being champion. He didn’t think Ty should be representing his company, especially during WM season, calling him a B+ player and whatnot. On the Royal Rumble go home show, Ty laid the cards out on the table and demanded a match with Wolfwood, granting him the personal opportunity to strip away the title from the “B+ player”.
    Wolfwood denied the challenge, saying that he’s a very busy man and Ty wasn’t worth lacing up his boots for. The CEO of PUCA had someone else in mind, though.


    Cult of Personality blared through the arena’s speakers and the crowd went nuts! Out came Vriz, PUCA’s resident bad bo-wait a minute. Out came Vriz…in a suit and tie, clean shaven. He shook hands with Wolfwood as the crowd went batshit insane. Ty couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

    All in all, it was set to be Ty vs Corporate Vriz for the Championship at the Royal Rumble.

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    Ty seemed to have this match secured. He hit the GTS on Vriz but soon after, déjà vu, the lights went out in the arena. Within a few seconds, commentator Araphen apparently saw Hiro exiting into the crowd. He drove the point home while Arc remained silent. When the lights came back on, a dazed Vriz had an arm atop a KO’d Ty. The confused referee had no choice but to go for the count. 1…2…TY KICKED OUT!

    Vriz backed to the corner, punt kick in mind. When Ty got up to his knees, Vriz went running AND THE CHAMP IMMEDIATELY SPRUNG UP AND CAUGHT HIM ON HIS SHOULDERS! ANOTHER GTS! The ref goes for the count! 1…2…the fuck?! The ref was pulled from the ring and clotheslined by Hiro! Hiro then entered the ring but Ty was a step ahead. Groin kick! European uppercut!! GTS!!! Ty delivered that combo with perfection. However, a groggy Vriz was in predator mode. The moment Ty turned around…RKO!

    Wolfwood came out with another referee promptly after that. The ref ran to the ring and Vriz hooked the leg. 1…2…3!  

    An hour into the Royal Rumble Match, MM eliminated Louis to be the only man remaining in the ring. The crowd was crazy hot for him. But there was still one last entrant to go.


    Out came Hiro, entering at #30! With anticipation reaching a fever pitch, MM and Hiro squared off like silverbacks fighting for their territory. After Hiro delivered a bone-jarring spear, he attempted to launch MM out of the ring. MM pressed the R button just in time and countered, flinging Hiro towards the ropes. MM then delivered a running knee maneuver that damn near knocked Hiro’s head off. It did, however, send him over the top rope and onto the floor.

    MM stood supreme as the winner of the Royal Rumble Match! He pointed into the rafters where the WrestleMania sign hung. What awaits him there remains to be seen, but the Road to WrestleMania has begun, and MM is leading the way with a stampede of Mudkips!

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    The Corporate Champion

    After nearly two years, Vriz was once again the PUCA Champion.

    A pissed off Ty shot off on the mic the next night. He said that the view never changes, how he’s the real embodiment of anti-establishment, and that Vriz was always Wolfwood’s top guy.
    Wolfwood responded, saying that not everyone could be Face of the company and Championship material. The CEO again insinuated that Ty was certainly not up to par and was a B+ player.
    Ty invoked his championship rematch clause on the same night and Wolfwood obliged…with the added stipulation that Hiro would be special guest referee. Ty ended up being a sandbag for double-team moves in the match. His torture ended when he took a punt kick from Vriz while being locked down with an STFU from Hiro. Vriz, of course, retained.

    The next week, Wolfwood insincerely apologized to Ty for Hiro’s involvement in the rematch. The CEO “made it up” to Ty by securing him a spot in the Elimination Chamber Match and allowing him to choose the last three men that would compete in the hellish structure. Not only that, Ty and Royal Rumble winner MM would square off in the main event for the night.
    Vriz and Hiro joined Arcaphen on commentary for the main event bout. When the match started going overtime, Vriz and Hiro interfered and attacked both Ty and MM, forcing it to end in a no contest. At the end of the assault, Vriz got a mic and said: “Sorry boys, but two B+ players pushing the clock…it’s a waste of everyone’s time.”

    Vriz and Hiro vs Ty and MM in a tag team match was the main event for the following week. Ty and MM presented a unified front from the word go but they were ultimately defeated by the mega snake team. Hiro secured the win with a pin on Ty.

    It was the final show before the Elimination Chamber. Wolfwood stood in the ring with Vriz and Hiro at his side. The deadline for Ty’s choices on the other three Chamber participants had arrived. Ty introduced his first pick…the Doombringer, Soul. His second pick…the fear-inducing guitar strum hit and out came the human wrecking machine, Dr. Lee. Vriz and Hiro looked as if they saw a ghost. You could only imagine the look on their faces for the third pick. The lights went off. His theme hit and the crowd completely lost it. The lights came back on dimly and there he was…The Shade.

    This was set to be one hell of an Elimination Chamber Match as Vriz, Hiro, Ty, Soul, Dr.Lee, and The Shade strive to survive the devil’s prison and walk out as the Champion.

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    The match started as a thuggish brawl between Ty and Hiro. They wasted little time resuming their fisticuffs from their tag match two weeks earlier. The Chamber reared its head early on, when Hiro tumbled over the ropes and tasted the steel grate. Not long after, the clock struck and Soul entered the fray.

    Even though Ty and his chosen picks were looking to rearrange “The Face of PUCA” into an unrecognizable mush, their main goal was the Championship. Soul wasted no time going to work, picking Ty apart and making the first pinfall attempt, but his dominance was short-lived. The Doombringer was smashed through his own empty pod, courtesy of Hiro. With Soul out of commission, Ty and Hiro resumed their donnybrook. Hiro claimed the advantage by slamming Ty into the chain link fence before planting him onto the grate. The clock struck snake eyes for a second time, and Dr. Lee’s number was called.

    The human wrecking machine found the devil’s prison entirely to his liking. Brutal tackles, F5s, Dr. Lee was unstoppable. The Shade soon followed, proving to be a formidable foe for Lee. Things were now getting so catastrophic that, by the time Vriz was released, he had his pick of challengers to feast upon. He chose to attack everyone, except Hiro, though he took too long to bask in his own splendor. As if the karma gods nodded in unison, all four of his opponents seemed to recover simultaneously, and the outnumbered Vriz quickly slithered back into the confines of his pod. Dr. Lee had a solution. He shoulder tackled the pod’s Lexan glass wall, reducing the Corporate Champion to a heap.

    The eliminations were finally coming into play. The Shade slayed the beast that was Dr. Lee. Ty sent Soul to sleep. Shade got a second elimination in, the same way he finished Lee, with a tombstone piledriver on Hiro. Immediately after, Vriz’s slyness ceased Shade with an RKO out of nowhere. Ty followed suit, hitting a GT-wait…Vriz deflected Ty’s knee just on time! RKO!

    Ty’s WrestleMania dream was brought to an end and the Corporate Champion lives on. The Road to WrestleMania continues and Vriz just sent a blue shell at MM.

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    No More Stops
    6 weeks away

    If Ty can’t have Wolfwood’s crown jewel in the PUCA Championship, he has made it clear that he wants a piece of Wolfwood himself, challenging the CEO to a match at WrestleMania. But if he can’t have that - and according to Wolfwood, he can’t - he’ll have to settle for a one-on-one match with Hiro for the night.
    The former champions battled and Ty ended the match with a GTS. The only thing stronger than his efforts were his words after the match, in which he labeled Wolfwood a “coward” and demanded he honor the people’s wishes to see the two collide at ‘Mania.

    Later on in the night, Vriz did his usual shtick and belittled everyone with his words. MM came out to respond:

    “You didn’t have to earn your way up like everyone else, Vriz. Everything was just given to you. I’m about to hit you in the face with some truth. Ever since you came to the training center you were untouchable. You were bullet proof. You couldn’t be fired. Nobody could touch Vriz because Wolfwood liked you. And then you get to PUCA and what happens? You get sheltered by him. Nothing’s changed, Vriz. And you got the balls to stand in this ring and say you’re better than anybody here? You are a very, very selfish person and that’s not what being a champion is about in my eyes. Being a champion is about having a certain level of respect. So right now, I’m going to make one more statement.”

    MM extended his hand. Vriz looked as if he was about kill MM right there but he eventually reciprocated the handshake. It didn’t take long for the Corporate Champion to break the peace, though. Vriz delivered a cheap-shot to MM and then smashed his face in with the title to close the night.

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    An Underdog's Persistence
    5 weeks away

    Ty took to the ring and vowed to “hijack” PUCA until Wolfwood accepted his challenge. Yet again, Ty’s demand was met with the same response from the CEO: That he was a “B+ player” unworthy of Wolfwood’s attention at WrestleMania.

    “What is it with your generation, Ty? Huh? Why can't you just accept your failures? Why can't you just accept your inadequacies? You know what? I'm going to call this the excuses era. Or the blame era. Because I've noticed, anyone in this era that doesn't make it...you know, they never just say I wasn't good enough. What they do is, they blame everybody else. They make excuses. They held me down. They screwed me over. They buried me. When the reality of it is, they just WEREN'T good enough.
    That's the reality, Ty. Your reality is, you're a B+ player. I don't know why that angers people...B+ is pretty damn good. It sure as hell is a lot better than them(the people). B+...that's a damn good little spot for you, Ty. But understand this, as I've said before, it's going to take a whole hell of a lot more than a B+ player to get me to lace up my boots, especially at WrestleMania.”

    The crowd drowned Wolfwood with “asshole” chants. Ty responded: “See, these people understand. You can deny holding me down. You can deny holding anybody down. They can see through your lies. You don't listen to these people. You don't listen to their obvious desire to see somebody like me, or anybody else in the back that's like me, succeed. And the only way we will ever get you to see that, is if I beat the shit out of you at WrestleMania.”

    “Ty, it's just not going to happen, ok? I mean, are we in kindergarten here? You think I'm going to take that bait, right? Your widdle match at WestleMania is just not gonna happen wil fella, ok? Get over it.
    WrestleMania is the showcase of the immortals! And Ty, as hard as it is for you to swallow, you just don't measure up. Now, get out of my ring.”

    “This isn't your ring.”

    “Have you gone mad? Let me clarify for you and for everybody else. Everything in this arena right now, including them and you, belong to me. Now, get the hell out of my ring.”

    “Why don't you make me?”

    By Wolfwood's command, Hiro came out to remove Ty. Ty happily engaged Hiro in a knock-down brawl outside the ring until security and officials pried the two apart and sent Ty back to the locker room.

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    Occupy PUCA
    4 weeks away

    Ty, along with MM, came out with a demand. Ty wanted the match with Wolfwood at WrestleMania. He said that he refused to leave the ring until his demand was met, but unlike others who have made that threat, he had backup. In a visually striking scene, dozens of fans came out the crowd, filling the ring and ringside area.
    Wolfwood tried to respond with threats, security, and sending out Hiro to have a match, but they couldn't do anything about the congregated fans.

    “You want to know what the truth is, Ty? Truth is, I actually like you. I actually saw something in you. So you know what? I took it upon myself to try and protect you. To protect you from everything that would happen when you were successful. You would be run out of here. You’d be dumped into the deep end with the sharks of this industry where you immediately would have been devoured! I tried to protect you! And what happens? This happens? You want to know why I didn’t want to fight you at WrestleMania? For your own good, Ty. Because I will end all of this. Because I will not stop until I end you. That’s the way I operate. And that’s the way it’s going to be! You want to fight me at WrestleMania!? Then be careful what you wish for! You’re on!
    Now shut up and get the hell out of my ring!”

    Before the crowd dispersed, MM chimed in: “Hold on, Wolf. As much as these people want to see Ty fight you at WrestleMania…what they really want, is to see him fighting for the PUCA Championship.”
    Ty picked up: “So here is what we really want. If I beat you at WrestleMania, I get added to the PUCA Championship match so that then the main event reads Vriz vs MM…vs Ty!”

    Wolfwood had completely lost his composure. He charged down the ramp but, fortunately, security held him back.

    “You want that!? You want that!?!? You get all of it! You get me! You get your deal! Get out of my ring! And I am going to end this at WrestleMania! You can bet your ass!”

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    All Hail The King
    3 weeks away

    Behold the king. The king of kings. On your knees, dog.

    Wolfwood was in no mood for insubordination of any kind. Imagine his frustration, then, when Vriz appeared to voice his displeasure. The CEO wouldn’t stand for it:

    “You think there’s a possibility that Ty will beat me? Is that what you’re saying? You know what…I’m sick of everything around here. I’m sick of Ty. I’m sick of them cheering for him. I’m sick of all this shit! You want to know what else I’m sick of!?” Wolfwood looked Vriz dead in the eye. “I’m sick of a technically gifted guy who has all the goddamn natural ability but he’s so screwed up in the head that he can’t win a match without me holding his hand!
    There’s going to be a triple threat match at WrestleMania. Ty is not going to be in it because he’s not getting past me. But when I beat Ty, the triple threat match is going to be Vriz and MM…and me.”

    Backstage, Vriz took his anger out on MM, assaulting him with every weapon around.

    Later on, Wolfwood deigned to give his self-appointed foe a man-to-man summit in the ring wherein he insisted that everything he’d done up to this point was strictly business, nothing personal, no hard feelings. But what came next certainly blurred that line.
    The CEO, seemingly under the guise of an olive branch, commended Ty’s resilience and sportsmanship and admitted he’d earned Wolfwood’s respect. Hiro arrived, security in tow, and got in Wolfwood’s face while police officers swarmed and handcuffed Ty in the ring. Of course, the argument was just a diversion, and the officers merely hired goons who left the helpless Ty to suffer a brutal beating from Wolfwood. But hey: no hard feelings.

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    Reality Era
    2 weeks away

    Interviewing the CEO for the first time, Araphen treaded as carefully as he could in trying to extract answers surrounding Wolfwood’s beating of Ty the previous week.

    Araphen: “So Wolfwood, as CEO of PUCA, how can you justify the attack, at your hands last week, of your WrestleMania opponent, Ty?"

    Wolfwood: “The question you ask is confusing in itself. Do you want me to answer you as the CEO or do you want me to answer as a competitor at WrestleMania? People seem to be confused about what they’re asking for around here. Ty was very clear about what he was asking for. These people were very clear about what they were asking for. And they got exactly what they were asking for. Let me ask you a question, Phen. Have you ever been put in a position where you had no choice but to submit to somebody else’s will?”

    “Wolfwood, I’m sure you’re referring to the fact that last week you had Ty handcuffed before you assaulted him.”

    “No, I’m not referring to handcuffing anybody. I’m referring to Ty walking to this ring with the people. Inviting them out here, a few weeks ago, in an attempt to hijack this show. I’m talking about the Occupy PUCA movement. Ty came out here, these people stood in this ring, and Ty put them in harm’s way in an attempt to take over so they could get what they want. Let me ask you this, Phen, where was your mock horror to all of that? Huh? Oh that was ok, you just chalked that up to a memorable PUCA moment, didn’t you? But yet what I did was heinous and despicable.”

    “Probably, Wolfwood, because many people believe that what Ty did was an inspiring act. And others believe that what you did was an act of thug-like aggression unbecoming of the CEO of PUCA.”

    “See there’s that confusion again. CEO or competitor? Ty asked for the competitor. How many times did I tell Ty that I didn’t want to fight him? He forced the issue. They forced the issue. They forced my hand and made me become a competitor. And then they got exactly what they asked for. Ty got exactly what he deserved. And now, now you’re all going to cry about it, right? What happened to this world? Huh? I look at these people today and you know what I see? I see apathy. I see soft. I see pathetic. I see a bunch of little people with no power, no desire, when they don’t get what they want they cwy about it waaah. I’m sick to death of the whole thing. The world has changed and I can’t take it any more. You know what? Maybe I start the reality era. Maybe as of right now this is the beginning of the reality era. And you know what that means, Phen? It means the reality is this: At WrestleMania, I end Ty’s little supposed run at the top. The reality is, when I’m done with that, I’m going to step into a triple threat match and no one is going to stop me. Because, Phen, the reality is…I have the power to make it happen and they all know it’s true. The reality is: I am going to walk out of WrestleMania as the PUCA Champion.”

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    Full Speed Ahead
    1 week away

    “Your heroes, children, they fight only for their own selfish vanity and greed. I have always been fascinated with pride. It has the power to blind even the strongest men. Ty and MM are both liars. And their foolish pride allows them to prey upon the weak and fill them up with all this hope. False hope. Last year I said that I had never cared for any of you…and that still holds true because it was just that…truth. But if you want a real hero, look no further. I will never use you to get what I want. It’s simply this: If you look up at me, you will see a friend. If you look down at me, you will see an enemy. But if you look at me square in the eye…you will see a god.”
    Vriz said, before his match with MM.

    That’s right, PUCA was finally set to see who would prevail in a battle between the two locker room leaders…but thanks to a well-timed appearance by a third party, everyone will have to keep waiting. With Wolfwood observing at ringside and goading his two prospective opponents into brutalizing each other, Vriz and MM clashed like it truly was the main event of WrestleMania.
    MM got his Busaiku Knee Kick in but it wasn’t enough to stop the champion. Vriz then hit the RKO but that wasn’t enough to put down the Rumble winner. These two were demonstrating their next level in-ring chemistry with each other and the crowd loved it.
    Not long after that, Ty hopped the barricade and battered Wolfwood into a stupor. Vriz and MM forgot about their match, turning their attention to the CEO’s brutalization. Wolfwood eventually ran for cover inside the ring...which provided no safety. MM hit the Busaiku Knee on the CEO. What followed up was a huge surprise: Vriz RKO’d Wolfwood!

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    Ending that PUCA wrestling story 2hDMmyY

    Frustrated and pinned against the glass ceiling Wolfwood had placed above his head, Ty was anxious for retribution against the man who deemed him unworthy of the mountain’s peak.

    At the end, driven by pure hatred for everything Ty stands for, Wolfwood planted the underdog with a Pedigree. Ty’s lofty WrestleMania aspirations were seemingly for naught. But then he kicked out. As the Superdome came alive for their intrepid hero, Ty evaded a second Pedigree and stunned Wolfwood with his signature GTS to pick up the win.

    Ty's hard-earned win over PUCA’s Chief Executive Officer propelled him to the night’s Championship main event, where he would do battle with MM and reigning titleholder Vriz.

    Midcard Matches:

    -Hiro vs Araphen in a No DQ match with Arc as special guest referee (Winner: Araphen)
    -A PUCA to the Past 30-man Battle Royal (Winner: Jhereshko)
    -Dr. Lee vs The Shade (Winner: Dr. Lee)

    Ty was always the perennial underdog: a “B+ player” who supposedly would never make the grade and simply wouldn’t do as the Face of a PUCA that never gave him the opportunity to succeed anyway. In the months leading up to WrestleMania, it became apparent from screwjob after screwjob that Ty would never be given the ultimate prize in the same gift-wrapped way that Vriz did. He would have to take it.

    When Ty hit a GTS on Vriz, Wolfwood appeared to pull the referee out of the ring. The CEO then summoned his bought-and-paid-for official from the Royal Rumble to ensure that the job was done. But this time, an RKO and a crooked ref couldn’t put the resilient underdog down for three; not only did Ty kick the ref’s head in, but he took the king and his pawn out all together with a suicide dive to the outside. A recovered MM then sent Wolfwood packing with a kendo stick.

    Each superstar unleashed his heavy artillery in a last-minute blitzkrieg. MM, aiming to hit Vriz with a Busaiku Knee, bisected Ty instead when The Viper slid down. The Apex Predator then struck with an immediate RKO. Vriz was in complete control but he wasn’t satisfied. As he sprinted towards MM to punt him in the head, Ty caught the champion just in time and connected a GTS that finally - finally - finished the job.

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