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    Roy found himself in the streets of Azgard’s capital city. If there was a hell, this was probably it. Corpses were scattered everywhere, some were pure skeletal, with the ruined castle looming in the distance. The aftermath of the chaotic war.

    A woman emerged from an alleyway. Her eyes lit up when she caught sight of Roy.
    “Are you a friend of Vriz?” the woman asked. Roy didn’t reply. “…No? Wh-what about the girl! She had golden hair! I forgot her n-Claire! Her name was Claire!”
    He provided no answers. The woman’s enthusiasm eventually died and she ran away.

    A man appeared from the same alleyway soon after. He glared at Roy, with a tomahawk itching to be set free.
    “You look outta place…just like that pretty curly haired cunt. Where did he disappear to…you wouldn’t ‘appen to be a crony o’ his, would ya?” the man asked. Once again, Roy didn’t reply. The man’s anger flared. “Answer me you piece o’ shit!”`
    When Roy’s silence persisted, the tomahawk spun loose.

    Roy jolted awake, his heart pounding away. He laid in a completely empty room that was pure white and mercilessly bright. He didn’t have the slightest idea where he was, nor did he have the energy to get up or shout.
    Shortly after the whole airship ordeal, the group had made their way to investigating the conspicuous Azgard Castle that wasn’t of this time. Roy couldn’t remember what happened after arriving at the castle. That must have been when I passed out, he thought.

    Roy closed his eyes but his body didn’t take kindly to that decision. The unbearable pain came from everywhere it seemed. Kill me already.
    He tossed and turned crazily, occasionally punching the ground weakly. The pain eventually subsided when he gave up and remained calm on his back. For some reason, Roy lifted up his right hand. Somehow, someway, candle-like flames lit up at the tip of his fingers. It wasn’t long before the flames disappeared, his hand dropped, and he was out.

    Pitch black was all he saw. The fiery Demon God provided illumination but it was the equivalent of a light bulb in a black painted, black tiled, windowless room. Roy was held up high, tightly, face to face with Valorinx. Just take me out, put me outta my friggin' misery.
    He was brought closer to the demon’s face as it opened its mouth. It looked as if it could swallow a blue whale whole.


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