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    After the Demon Lord Roy's defeat, the 'Last World' shatters and the group transitions back into:

    Figments of Guidance SD

    The other Roy reappears, in his normal form. The group is surprised and they get their battle stances ready for another possible fight.

    (Other)Roy: "Calm. It's over."

    Poiuy now appears on one side with a smirk on his face.

    Poiuy: "You five must think you're completely drugged or faded."

    (Other)Roy: "See, the thing is...this was all basically a test."

    Poiuy: "To see if you five can right your incredible wrongs. See..while you aren't demons, you have in fact brought back Lucifien AND you are using Valorinx's power to get stronger."

    (Other)Roy: "Valorinx is the demon of demons...quite simply, the Demon God. He creates the lesser demons, materializes a piece of his power into what you call Soul Gems, and gives it to them. You then defeat these demons and steal it from them."

    Poiuy: "Valorinx lives in a hell hole we would simply call the Demon World. The Demon World is a whole other dimension."

    The other MM appears on a side.

    (Other)MM: "And that portal you all pride yourselves into looking for, that portal you think will send you back to your world...back to PUCA, is actually the link between Azgard and the Demon World."

    (Other)Roy: "Valorinx wants to extinct the humans from Azgard and make it his new home, for him and his demons. However, Valorinx cannot fit through the portal. That's why he creates his lesser demons, sends them out to do his bidding and hoping they can somehow find a way to cross him into Azgard."

    Poiuy: "And well, his most prized demon, Lucifien...who can take on the form of a human, has already basically accomplished what Valorinx set out for...all he needs to do is find a way to cross Val through the portal now."

    James and Wreks appears side to side by Poiuy.

    (Other)Roy: "Now, it's up to you five to do something about this."

    Poiuy: "Yeah, I mean...WE would, however we're just figments of hope...we can't do anything outside this place...all we can do is guide you five into fixing your wrongs."

    (Other)Roy: "Besides, it was YOU who brought back Lucifien...hell, it was YOU who opened back up that portal. At the same time, you five are Azgard's only hope."

    (Other)MM: "Hahaha, funny. The doombringers of Azgard are its hope."

    (Other)Roy: "Now. We can't explain HOW you ended up in Azgard, where you are now and how you even ended up here when you died and so forth. All we can do, is guide you to cleaning your mess."

    "Go on..."

    (Other)Roy: "What you need to do, is find the three Guardian Orbs. Find them, bring them back here, we can seal off the portal again and fix everything."

    Three portals open up.

    (Other)MM: "These portals are direct links to the Orbs' locations in Azgard. Just be warned, it will be heck getting them! You better be supplied on cookies!"

    (Other)Poiuy: "Do NOT wander off...get the orb, come back here and go for another one."

    (Other)Roy: "Just be warned though, if you continue to use those soul gems now...they WILL try to consume you...just like they tried to in here. Humans aren't suppose to mess around with demonic power but hell, you five managed to stop it mid-way in that last fight and got to use those things without being consumed by Valorinx's demonic power. So y'all should be fine."

    (Other)MM: "GO GO GO!"

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