Part 1: Chaotic Rain


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    Post by Typhlosion on Sat Mar 17, 2012 2:52 am

    Grinning with all the glee of a monster, Typho stepped to the king, ripping into his chest and tearing out the kings heart. Letting out a beastly laugh, Typho burned it with Roys fire as the king collapsed.
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    Post by V on Sat Mar 17, 2012 2:53 am

    King Azgard falls and the rain starts to pour.

    The evil lord reappears.

    Evil Lord: "Heh. You fools keep"

    The war in the battlefield continues with the undead army totally destroying the Azgardian soldiers.

    Evil Lord: "Well, this is it. Your fates have been sealed."

    The Evil Lord

    HP: ???

    Lucifein snaps his fingers. Suddenly the soul gems and items of the group become disabled.
    He then charges at Roy with swift deadly unpredictable speed and stabs him.

    Roy: 0HP

    He switches to Ty immediately and finishes the beast master.

    Ty: 0HP

    Lucifein notices Araphen trying to chant up a spell. Araphen becomes his next target, going down easily.

    Araphen: 0HP

    MM shoots a fire arrow at him. He somehow deflects the arrow with his sword. While MM tries to dodge his own arrow, Lucifein appears behind him and stabs him.

    MM: 0HP

    He then looks over at a shook up Arcane. She decides to hold it together and with courage, charges at Lucifein. He grins. As Arc closes in on him, she was slashed all over but it seemed as though he didn't move even an inch.

    Arc: 0HP

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