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    But of course you didn't because we don't have a loot-gold system. Maybe later.

    As you enter the tavern, you hear a chorus oh drunken greetings laughed at your direction. As you go further in, the portly Bartender asks if he can get you anything, while a servingmaid shows you to a table.
    As you sit down, you hear a whisper through a crack in the booth wall.

    "Psst. PSSSSST! I heard some guards saying four heroes were looking for a portal in Ashen Temple. I know everything that goes on around here, so you must be them. Didn't find it huh? Well, I heard that some cultists in the north opened a portal. That might be what you're looking for."
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    A familiar face sitting on a nearby table overhears the conversation and walks up to the group.

    There you guys are. I wanted to join the quest too, being in a different time zone sucks. :| I got to the castle way late and figures you guys would end up here eventually. =_=

    How can I be of service to my allies? ^_^
    *shows weapons with the Alliance insignia ((lets pretend there is one!!)) on them*

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